Four Seas Fish Block (Fish tofu) Series - New Release


Cotton texture and the bursting fish-flavored is meant to be fish tofu premium quality . Four Seas has proundly launched a new Fish tofu series this autumn. The two products "Fish Block Puff" and "Fish Block in Luoding style" have their own characteristics, maybe they are your must-have item in the refrigerator!


Fish Block Puff

Mixed with standard ratio of fish mince and egg white, made with intensive cooking procedures to create a unique crispy on the outside and soft on the inside fish block puff. It is as attractive as the legendary "Devil's Egg" and it is inresistable!


Each is about the size of a puff dessert, one sip, after being air-fried, which is good for leisure snacks


Fish Block in Luoding style

Mixed with standard ratio of fish mince and egg white, and follow the traditional method from Luoding province, creating the unique wrinkled appearance of Luoding fish block . The soft tofu taste, coupled with the fresh fragrance of fish, will make you feel addicted with one bite.


It is suitable for different cooking methods and could easily match different types of food.



Selling Point:

Fish Block Puff - Exclusive at ParkNshop

Fish Block in Luoding style - Exclusive at Wellcome supermarket